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The following activities are offered at Borgo San Francesco:

English courses with qualified EFl teachers (Native English speakers)

English courses are offered at the Borgo with qualified, experienced mother toungue teachers. Courses are offered for children and adults with language placement. Courses range from elementary to advanced level. Courses are based on conversational English, although grammar is taught as well. The courses are held in a quaint area of the Borgo and are tailored to our students. We offer a weekly English courses language vacations as well with intensive courses. We organize study vacations that can range from 1 week to 1 month. (we are flexible).

Italian Languages courses are offered at the Borgo.

You can learn Italian while vacationing at the Borgo. The Borgo offers courses with qualified teachers that have experience with children and adults. For prices and details please contact us.

  • We offer private lessons as well as group lessons.
  • All materials are included in the price
Organized trekking escursions in the Nebrodi Mountain Park

People who enjoy trekking will find this area of Sicily very interesting. The Nebrodi mountains, together with the Madonie and Peloritani form the Sicilian Apennines. The Nebrodi mountains are the green est and highest mountains in Sicily. Several of the peaks are higher than 1500 metres, with the highest being Monte Soro (at 1,817 m.). The Nebrodi face the Tyrrhenian sea on the North, Mount Etna, which is seperated by the rivers Alcantara and Simeto form the Southern border.

The Borgo offers guided excursions on the Nebrodi Mountains to:

  • The Monte Soro Lakes (Lake Maulazzo e Lake Biviere);
  • Bosco della Tassita;
  • Rocche del Crasto;
  • Riserva di Malabotta (Rocche dell’Argimusco e bosco di Malabotta).

The price of a guided tour varies depending on the number of participants.

The Borgo is always available to give detailed information on how to go trekking, on your own,with information on trails, distances etc.

Ticket Office for excursions to the Aeolian Islands

It is possible to buy tickets for mini-cruises to the Aeolian Islands at the Borgo’s reception office. Departures are from Patti and from Milazzo. It is also possible to rent a motor boat in Gioiosa Marea and go to the Islands yourself. We offer information about how to do this.