Borgo San Francesco



Borgo San Francesco
Gioiosa Marea – 5km

Pretty pearl of the north coast of Sicily, Gioiosa Marea is beautifully facing the Aeolian Islands. Built on the side of mountains, the city develops in the hills and also and especially in its center, by the sea. You will find many restaurants, some shops, and all the services that can offer a small coastal town, enough popular and sought after in summer, for its small beach, but especially for its family atmosphere, lively bars with live music in the evening and wonderful sunsets!

Nebrodi Experience
Nebrodi Experience

Visit the incredible natural park of Monti Nebrodi, enjoy an immersive trip between verdant nature and breathtaking views. With a cool weather and pure air this destination belong a perfect place where spent your day during the hot sicilian summer. Nebrodi Experience guides will walk you along nature moving from top of the mountains down to the sea with a spectacular view on the aeolian islands.


Borgo San Francesco
Nebrodi Mountains - all around you

Sicily is an island that offers much contrast. Most travellers envision a dry landscape and unbearable heat, until they get to the Nebrodi Mountains and find that Sicily can be just the opposite. The 86,000 hectares of land that the park covers makes this the largest nature park on the Island. The land features large lakes, streams and small rivers, green hills with evergreen trees and a naturally cool climate with a freshness at night and summer heat in the daytime.

Borgo San Francesco
Aeolian Islands - in front of you

A natural paradise awaits you at this archipelago of seven volcanic islands that are beautifully located a short distance from the north coast of Sicily. You will find much peace and a wonderful natural paradise with more than 5000 years of cultural history. The Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans have all left their mark on the islands.

Borgo San Francesco
Tindari - 26km (take the coast!)

The Tindari is a place of pilgrimage not only for Catholics but also for all those who are looking for breathtaking landscapes and emotions. At the foot of the sanctuary, it seems to be suspended over the sea. Laghetti di Marinello, a protected nature reserve, invites you to experience nature in its fragility and complexity. Looking up, the rock that brings up the Tindari Sanctuary shelters a variety of flora and fauna.

Borgo San Francesco
Cefalù – 100km

Get ready for a massive surprise: although Cefalù is renowned for tourism, it has not lost its traditional charm! Immerse yourself in the daily life of a maritime city with a strong identity. Follow the paths and reach the top of the cliff: you will not believe your eyes. The panorama is unique. Comune di Cefalù

Borgo San Francesco
Taormina and Etna - 140km

At the foot of the giant, which you can admire by car to a certain altitude, Taormina is like a little Monte-Carlo: magnificent villas, alleys, shops, and excellent restaurants ... all without too many ways likewise. A step not to be missed, for the landscapes and for the typical atmosphere of the major tourist destinations.

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