If you want to enrich and make your vacation at Borgo San Francesco unique, you can visit the most fascinating places in Sicily.
Art, culture, history, areas of scenic interest..
This is Sicily, a magical place where you can fully satisfy your curiosity about a unique region

Gioiosa Marea - 5km

A pretty pearl on the northern coast of Sicily, in the province of Messina, Gioiosa Marea is pleasantly facing the Aeolian Islands. The town develops towards the hills, keeping its center close to the sea. Here you will find many restaurants, some stores and all the services a small coastal town can offer. Quite popular and sought after in the summer for its small beaches but mostly for its family atmosphere, lively bars with live music and its wonderful sunsets!

Nebrodi Experience

Set off on a hike in the Nebrodi Mountains Nature Park, amid verdant landscapes and breathtaking views of the Aeolian archipelago. The cool climate and pure air will accompany you as you trek along trails between sky and sea. Nebrodi Experience will take you on a nature discovery among lakes and waterfalls, mountaintop trails and nature walks suitable for all ages.

Nebrodi Mountains - around you

Set out to discover the green lung of Sicily. Sportsmen, lovers of slowness and nature, here is a place that will surprise you. The Nebrodi Park covers over 86,000 hectares of land and is the largest natural park in Sicily. From lakes to rivers, from green hills to small perched villages, the Nebrodi is a true rest area where the consistently mild climate will allow you to engage in hiking away from the heat that often characterizes the island.

The Aeolian Islands - in front of you

The Aeolian Islands are 7 small volcanic islands located off the beautiful Sicilian coast. This natural paradise contains over 5,000 years of history: the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans have left their mark on these islands.
High cliffs, black sand volcanic beaches and smoking craters have always attracted people and continue to do so, giving them breathtaking views.

Tindari - 26 km (drive along the coast!)

Tindari is a place of pilgrimage not only for Catholics but also for all those in search of breathtaking scenery and excitement. At the foot of the sanctuary, it feels like being suspended over the sea. The Laghetti di Marinello, a protected nature reserve, invite one to experience nature in its fragility and complexity. Looking up, the rock leading up to the Tindari Sanctuary shelters a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Cefal├╣ - 100km

Get ready for a big surprise: although Cefalu is renowned for tourism, it has not lost its traditional charm! Immerse yourself in the daily life of a seaside town with a strong identity. Walk along the paths and reach the top of the cliff: you won't believe your eyes. The view is truly unique. More information here: Municipality of Cefal├╣

Taormina and Etna - 140km

At the foot of giant Mount Etna, which can be admired by car up to a certain altitude, Taormina is like a small Monte-Carlo: magnificent villas, narrow streets, stores and excellent restaurants. A must-see destination for both the scenery and the atmosphere typical of major tourist destinations. More information here:
Municipality of Taormina
Etna Park